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Option #1 - For only $1.50 a day

Sponsor a Child attending a Child Development Center

These children live with their families in small one-room huts in remote villages, typically made of mud-plastered walls, thatched roofs and dirt floors. The children are anxiously awaiting to be enrolled in one of our Child Development Centers where they will receive God's love and security they need to succeed. Your sponsorship of $45 a month will provide a child with stability, food, education, clothing and well care they desperately need. (SCROLL DOWN IF YOU WANT TO SPONSOR A STUDENT ATTENDING THE PRIVATE SCHOOL OR TO SUPPORT THE UNSPONSORED CHILDREN'S FUND.)

Village Sponsorship Event



Abhay (7/12/14), 9 Years Old

179 Amit

Amit (9/12/13), 10 Years Old


Anugrah (9/6/16), 7 Years Old


Arun (7/8/13), 10 Years Old


Ashi (6/12/15), 8 Years Old


Bhola (2/1/16), 7 Years Old


Cheshta (7/17/17), 6 Years Old


Chirag (8/5/15), 8 Years Old


Damini (1/1/15), 8 Years Old


Devika (7/21/17), 8 Years Old


Manish (7/9/13), 10 Years Old


Naina (8/5/12), 11 Years Old


Princi (5/2/15), 8 Years Old


Roli (7/11/14), 9 Years Old


Shristi (6/21/17), 6 Years Old


Tamanna (9/5/15), 8 Years Old


Vandana (3/11/18), 5 Years Old

(Tip: When sponsoring a child, consider paying with electronic funds transfer (EFT) to help us avoid paying 3% credit card fees.)

Option #2 - For less than $2 per day

Sponsor a Child at the Private School

These economically disadvantaged children are enrolled at the private school where they receive a quality education and are nurtured and loved. They participate in extra-curricular activities, develop leadership skills and get their nourishment at the school. Your base sponsorship of $55 a month will encourage a child to do well in school, grow in confidence and be able to provide for their future families thus breaking the cycle of poverty. There are opportunities to provide additional support for those children who need it. If you would like to sponsor a student above the base level, please contact us at

UIS Sponsorship Event



Aradhana (04/13/15), 8 Years Old

Benny - 406/NRCC/BLR/NLCP

Benny (12/20/16), 6 Years Old

Joshua Samuel

Joshua Samuel (6/28/07), 16 Years Old

Jude - 408/NRCC/BLR/NLCP

Jude (12/11/10), 12 Years Old

Samantha - 407/NRCC/BLR/NLCP

Samantha (4/7/13), 10 Years Old

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Your sponsored child will receive:

  • Unconditional Love
  • Quality Education
  • Nutritious Meals
  • Clothing
  • Core Values
  • Mentoring
  • Safety and Protection
  • Fun and Fellowship
  • After-school Activities
  • English Language Classes
  • Career Counseling
  • Strong Ethics to make Good Decisions
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When you sponsor a child, you receive:

  • A profile of your child
  • 2-3 letters a year with drawings
  • Annual photo
  • The joy of knowing you are forever changing a life and being a part of it!

These children will have opportunities their parents never had to escape generational poverty.

Option #3

Support The Unsponsored Children's Fund

Once enrolled in our program, a child will always belong there until they graduate or turn 18 years old. You can help fill the gap when a sponsor steps out to ensure that every child is accounted for so they can continue to reach their dreams.

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How to honor a Child

Send a special Gift. Write a Letter.

Support the Birthday and Holiday Funds so every child will receive a gift.

Support the unmet needs of a family (medical, emergency, other.)

Email your child at Please include their reference number for delivery.

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