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Thangchinggun (1/12/13)

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11 years old
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About Thangchinggun (1/12/13)

Thangchinggun is a quiet, determined boy who excels in his studies. When he gets home from school, he studies alone with no one to help him. He aspires to be a space scientist and make his country proud. He is the second child of three. His parents affectionately call him Gugun. The family just faced a major calamity as a result of ethnic strife in Manipur. His father was appointed as a preacher in one of his hometown's churches. The violence erupted just before the ordination, forcing them to flee for their lives. In June 2023, they returned empty-handed, with no guarantee of employment. His mother managed to find a job in a small salon, and realizing the family's predicament, his oldest brother dropped out of school and began working as a security guard in a mall. Thangchinggun’s father must stay at home to care for his younger brother, who turned one last year. Their meager earnings are not sufficient to meet the needs of their family. They borrowed money to pay the house's security deposit and daily maintenance. The child desperately needs a helping hand to move forward for a brighter future. Your support is the only hope that lights up Gugun's path. By sponsoring his education, you can greatly reduce the family's financial burden and enable him to focus on his studies wholeheartedly and fulfill his dreams. Your act of kindness will make a great difference in the child’s life.

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