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Chirag (8/5/15)

Birth Month
8 years old
Waiting since

About Chirag (8/5/15)

Chirag (DOB: 8/5/15) is a warm and friendly boy. His younger sister and parents live with their grandparents. He loves his little sister so much and enjoys playing hide and seek with her. His father stitches shoes for a living and his mother is a homemaker. Since there is not always material to stitch shoes, this job is inconsistent, as is the income. The income earned from sewing shoes is not enough to cover the family’s basic needs. Winter is brutally cold and they do not have enough warm clothing to keep warm. Since Chirag’s parents are not educated, they understand the importance of education and genuinely want him to succeed in school to become a decent citizen. Though they are unable to cover his school supplies due to their limited income.

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