In 1997, while traveling in Orissa State in India, there was a cry from young mothers begging for their children to be given hope. After inquiry, it was learned that there was a group kidnapping little children to offer as sacrifices to an unknown goddess. This dire situation led to programs for destitute children in locations across India.

Today, IT! cares for more than 700 poor, abandoned, and destitute children, ages 3-18, in different parts of India through twelve residential and day care programs. The aim is not only to provide basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter and education but to bring holistic development in these children so they can achieve at the highest possible levels.

NEW LIFE CHILDREN’S HOMES (NLCH)–The New Life Children’s Home was started on May 1, 1998, with 35 children. Today there are 63 children in the Bangalore program who also attend United International School. There are an additional three locations that provide residential care.


COMMUNITY-BASED CHILD CARE (CBCC)–Community-Based Child Care is a day program for poor and needy children who live at home but receive three meals a day, clothing, transportation to school, tutoring, English instruction, and medical aid. CBCC also helps the community-at-large by promoting health, hygiene, literacy and income-generation training to the parents. Most of our children served are part of CBCC.


NON-RESIDENTIAL CHILD CARE (NRCC)–The NRCC program is for needy children who stay with their parents or guardians but are not candidates for the CBCC program. These children receive monthly support from India Transformed! for food, clothing and education.