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One-sixth of the world lives in India.
Over the last six decades, India has made enormous progress in industrial growth, economic development, science and technology. It is poised to be a superpower in the 21st century…yet India is falling behind in the human development index. The education scenario is alarmingly dismal at the grassroots level with only 30% able to read and write. 11 million street children scavenge for food in the garbage. Many do not go home in the evenings, either from fear of alcoholic fathers or because they have no homes to go to. They survive by petty thievery or get pulled into drug cartels. Countless women are abandoned by their husbands and must turn to begging. Millions of lives are spent fighting to survive.

Stories of transformation abound, however. In 1988, John Peter started putting programs together to serve street children and destitute women…and started planting churches. By the twenty-six year mark, the results had spoken for themselves. John Peter and his staff have now reached 6.8 million people with the Gospel through a Community Transformation Center model. 1212 church planters have established 950 churches in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Indonesia. 902 women have graduated from "Talitha Cumi" vocational training programs. Twelve children's homes and community-based childcare centers now serve over 800 children…and significant growth is projected. Our Christian United International School is inspiring over 700 students as India's future leaders.

India Transformed exists to raise U.S. support and awareness for the work in India. Our mission is to engage caring people to invest in Christ's transforming ministry among India's needy. India Transformed does not direct the work in India.

For more information, go to “About India Transformed” and click on the individual programs.

We are promoting the new documentary, "It's a Girl," to highlight the need to support and sponsor girl children in India. Click below to watch the trailer. For more information, contact the Denver office.

It's a Girl Documentary Film - Official Trailer