With a current enrollment of 753 students, UIS offers a much sought-after education taught in English according to high international standards. Affluent Hindu families gladly pay the tuition and enroll their children even if they receive exposure to Christianity. Additionally, a portion of the paid tuition contributes to the scholarship fund for the poorer low-caste children and poorer Christian children. In the future, when the building debt has been retired, the school will bring together 1,200 children representing the rich, the poor, Hindu, and Christian families to receive a quality Christian education. God’s kingdom of grace will grow as His Word is shared through the ministry of the teachers and staff.

You can help open doors into the future!

The sooner we pay off the building debt, the sooner we can disperse more scholarships to families in need of the gospel and a quality education for their children. Due to savings in interest payments, a contribution today would be multiplied exponentially. For example, a gift now of $1000 to retire building debt would result in $1,395 in additional tuition scholarships. A gift of $100,000 would convert to an additional value of more than $139,500!

Please help us open doors at United International School with a generous tax-deductible gift! Please partner with us online at or call (720) 404-1631 for more details.