With a current enrollment of 753 students, the India Transformed! International School offers a much sought-after education that is taught in English and exceeds international standards.   Our school is open to all faiths and all castes.  Scholarships are available to make this a socio-economically mixed school with an appreciation for diversity. Students get a quality education along with spiritual nourishment.  Our goal is to increase student enrollment to 1,200 to be able to pay off the school loan so more children can attend school.By sponsoring a student, you can help open doors into the future!

With the amount saved in paying interest, a contribution today will be multiplied exponentially. For example, a gift of $1000 towards retiring the building debt would result in $1,395 in additional tuition scholarships. A gift of $100,000 would convert to an additional value of more than $139,500!

Please help us open doors at India Transformed International School with a generous tax-deductible gift!