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Tamanna (9/5/15)

Birth Month
8 years old
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About Tamanna (9/5/15)

Tamanna’s (DOB: 9/5/15)childhood has been full of anxiety. With an alcoholic fa- ther who spends all of his income on alcohol, Tamanna, her moth- er and two older brothers are left with nothing. Tamanna’s mother is trying her best to provide food for her children but they often go to bed hungry. After seeing her family’s conditions, community leaders stepped in and encouraged the mother to send them too school. Since Tamanna never went to school as a little girl she has to catch up. She is quite talented and able to write numbers. She likes Math and En- glish. During her free time, she helps her mother by carrying water, sweeping the house and washing dishes. She is very understanding and helpful. Her mother is humbly requesting to enroll her in the child- care center of India Transformed!

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