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Shristi (6/21/17)

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6 years old
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About Shristi (6/21/17)

Shristi (DOB: 6/21/17) is a cheerful girl who enjoys going to school and playing with her classmates. She also loves icec ream. She has one baby brother. Her family lives with her grandmother in a little basement home. When it rains, the house floods. As a result, rainy seasons are a nightmare for them. Her father works as a daily wage laborer sewing shoes. He wants to provide a better life for his family and relocate them to a safer location but cannot afford it. His meager earnings from making shoes are barely enough to cover his mother’s medications and food for the family. Since his job is seasonal, so is his income. Despite work- ing from early morning until late at night, he is unable to save money for the off-seasons. He wishes to provide a decent education for his daughter in order for her to have a better future.

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