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Samantha (4/7/13)

Birth Month
10 years old
Waiting since
Samantha - 407/NRCC/BLR/NLCP

About Samantha (4/7/13)

Samantha, (DOB: 4/7/13) a miracle child with a dream! Her mother shared as to how she experienced all the symptoms of a miscarriage in the second month of her pregnancy, and the doctor too had almost confirmed, but the Lord heard the mother’s prayer and a scan revealed the embryo with a feeble heartbeat. Samantha defied the odds and was born alive and healthy. Samantha had a happy family until her father passed away due to complications with diabetes. This tragic loss left Samantha and her family devastated. Her father, also a singer, and influenced Samantha’s love for music. Her mother was forced to take a job working as a beautician to support her family though what she is earning isn’t enough to support her two children. Your generous sponsorship would not only enable Samantha to receive a quality education but also provide her with the necessary support and resources to succeed in her life. Samantha aspires to become a medical doctor, serve the sick and make a difference in people's lives. After seeing her father struggle, she wants to make sure others don’t have to. Your contribution would not only change Samantha's life but also have a lasting impact on the lives of others she will serve in the future.

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