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Roli (7/11/14)

Birth Month
9 years old
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About Roli (7/11/14)

Roli (DOB: 7/11/14) is a charming child who doesn’t talk much, but enjoys going to school. She is obedient to her parents and loves to take care of and play with her younger sister. She also has a twin brother. Since her parents cannot read, they are unable to help her with her school work. Roli’s parents are daily wage laborers who stitch shoes. They cannot afford to live in a house with a roof and plastic sheets cover the walls of their rented, single room home. When it rains, water comes in from the roof and through the walls. They don’t have many belongings to call their own. Without a toilet, they have to go to open fields to use the re- stroom. Roli helps her mother with household tasks including fetching water, cleaning dishes and sweeping the floor. She is a bright young girl but needs help. Her parents want to provide her with a good edu- cation since they see how hard she works, yet they are totally helpless.

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