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Reuel (6/6/16)

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8 years old
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About Reuel (6/6/16)

HIGH PRIORITY WAITING SINCE SEPT 2023! A boy with a friendly nature Reuel is quite famous in school for having many friends. He’s always on the move yet still enjoys making arts and crafts. He likes to play karate with his father and brother. He wants to see his parents happy, so he sings songs and plays the drum for them. He loves pets and likes naming them. He adopted an abandoned cat and gave her the name Liya. He is the third child of his parents; he has one older brother and an older sister. His mother had to overcome severe opposition from both families when she conceived him. They didn't want this child to be born because she already had two. Both sides of her family, including her husband, advised her to abort him. She felt depressed and helpless. She finally chose to abort the child since she couldn't take the stress any longer. As she walked down the office corridor to her appointment, she saw the statement "Let me grow”. She felt the baby's movements and chose to keep her child. She named him Reuel after a character in the Bible. Reuel is hyperactive and restless, maybe as a result of the mother's stress throughout her pregnancy. Neurotherapy is recommended for the child's normal growth. However, due to financial difficulties, his parents are unable to take him to therapy. Both parents work on a contract basis and do minor jobs. The contract will be terminated in two months. There is no guarantee that they will find another employment right away. They live in a small rented house. The parents want to provide an excellent education for all three of their children, but they are aware that they would be unable to do so due to their limited financial resources. The child desperately needs a helping hand to move forward and live a normal life. By sponsoring his education, you can bring a big smile to this lovely boy.

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