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Private School Education

Pre-K through Pre-University

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What sets our school apart?

Open to students of all faiths, when they walk through the doors, every child feels loved and accepted. Students receive a solid educational foundation with core values. Students across cultures develop a bond and respect for one another that builds strong character and stresses academic excellence.

How has this school prepared you for the future?

"My school sets the standards high and motivates students to reach their goals. We learn to think critically." Vidya, age 15

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Social Integration

Appreciation for Diversity

By integrating students from all socioeconomic backgrounds in a nurturing learning setting that promotes social inclusion on all levels, we dispel the social stigma associated with economic division. Together, the students study and have fun here.

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Gender Equality

Educating Girls and Boys

We provide scholarships to keep children in school where they can pursue an education that will break the cycle of poverty for their families. Here both boys and girls are given equal access to high quality education and opportunities to realize their God-given potential.


Building Empathy

Teaching Compassion

At a young age students of all faiths attend the international school where strong morals and values are learned by example and through behavior. The school culture fosters an atmosphere of love, respect, and compassion for each other and their communities.



International Education

As India becomes a global player, these students are preparing to enter a competitive global economy with a strong work ethic and core values. Classes are taught in English which is essential to attend college. Extracurricular activities focus on developing character and leadership skills.

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Higher Ed

Preparing for College

Students receive career counseling to pursue meaningful careers. About 90% of our students continue on to college. Our new college is located adjacent to the Private School which provides a natural segue way for students to pursue a bachelor's degree in high-demand fields.

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