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Princi (5/2/15)

Birth Month
8 years old
Waiting since

About Princi (5/2/15)

Princi (DOB: 5/2/15) loves eating chole bature, a North Indian dish made of chana masala, and fried poori (flat bread which puffs up when deep fried in oil). She is very helpful and respectful of her elders. She is strong and quite active in sports. She has an older sister and an older brother. She is struggling at school because her parents are unable to help her at home. Princi must depend on her older sister to help with her home- work. Her parents are daily wage laborers. Her father stitches shoes. This occupation is seasonal as the materials are not always available, consequently so is his income. The daily earnings from stitching shoes are so low that he can hardly save for the off-season. It has been very difficult to manage the needs of his family. Princi’s father really wants to give a good education to his children so that they will have a better life.

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