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Planned Giving

Create a legacy for the next generation

The spirit of giving leaves a legacy that will secure the future and expand our capacity to launch new programs that will ensure future generations will have a new life.

Planned Giving provides an option to share your values while carrying out your wishes.


Charitable Trust

A charitable trust allows you to bless a charitable organization you care about while still providing an income for you or your heirs.



Remembering India Transformed! in your will is a meaningful way to support a cause that is important to you.


Donor-Advised Fund

Donor-advised funds provide you with a simple, flexible, and tax-efficient giving opportunity.

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Stocks & Securities

You can transfer appreciated stocks, bonds, and mutual funds in a taxable investment portfolio to India Transformed! and bless your brothers and sisters in India.


Non-Cash Assets

Non-cash assets like cryptocurrency, real estate, stock, farm equipment, and land are a few examples of non-cash assets that can make an enormous impact on our college.


Qualified Charitable Distributions

These are Individual Retirement Accounts that require a minimum distribution each year at age 72. If you are 70 1/2 or older, you can save on taxes.

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Life Insurance

Designating India Transformed! as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy is an easy way to set up a planned gift that will bless India Transformed!.

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Retirement Plans

Designating India Transformed! as the beneficiary of your retirement plan offers tax advantages for you and your heirs while blessing your brothers and sisters in India.

Please consult your tax and legal advisors for further clarification.

Please notify India Transformed! if you are planning to create a legacy gift.


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