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Our Purpose

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Who We Are

India Transformed! is a 501(c3) charitable organization that inspires marginalized communities with education and knowledge to alleviate poverty and build faith.

We fund programs so people can make informed decisions, boost their confidence, minimize disparities and contribute to a better society.

Our Mission

India Transformed! delivers hope through faith and education to transform lives.

By sharing knowledge, our programs educate and train people to discover their potential and have faith for a hopeful future.

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

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Our Programs

Create lasting change

because they are:

  • Community Driven
  • Socially Uplifting
  • Economically Empowering
  • Spiritually Liberating
  • Build Self-Reliance, not dependency
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The Peacock

a symbol of grace, beauty and transformation

We are proud to partner with India by using the national bird as our logo. It's sacred image represents the transformational effects of our programs and celebrates the uniqueness of all individuals. Blue symbolizes courage, life, and power; green symbolizes new life, the harvest and prosperity.

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Your gift will change the life story of a family forever.