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Naina (8/5/12)

Birth Month
11 years old
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About Naina (8/5/12)

Naina (DOB: 8/5/12) is soft-spoken and shy. She is very obedient to her parents and is their only child. Her father works in a marble factory where toys and other decorative items are made. This job doesn’t provide him with much income. He is also an alcoholic. He has the habit of going missing for weeks. His behavior makes it miserable for Naina and her mother. On top of that, he will not give any money he makes to his family. So, Naina’s mother has to ask her elderly parents to give her some money for food and other immediate needs. She can only do this occasionally as her parents live hand to mouth. Naina understands what is happening in her family. Because of this, she is unable to con- centrate on her studies and isolates herself from friends and relatives. Her mother really wants to give her a good education so Naina can achieve her dreams of becoming a nurse and helping sick people but her hands are tied.

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