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Manish (7/9/13)

Birth Month
10 years old
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About Manish (7/9/13)

Manish (DOB: 7/9/13) childhood has been full of struggles. His father is an alcoholic who ignores his family and does not provide for them. Providing a stomach full of food is Manish’s mothers greatest challenge. Manish has an older brother and a younger sister. All three siblings are not going to school. A couple of years ago, with the influence of the com- munity leader, they were enrolled in school. Manish doesn’t have a foundation so he is extremely slow at learning but is trying to keep up. On the other hand, he is a very understanding boy who is quite hum- ble and kind. He is very helpful to his mother and siblings. He enjoys going to school and has the heart to learn. He desires to study hard and become a policeman when he grows up. But whether his dream will become a reality is a big question.

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