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Jude (12/11/10)

Birth Month
12 years old
Waiting since
Jude - 408/NRCC/BLR/NLCP

About Jude (12/11/10)

Jude (DOB: 12/11/10) is currently studying in 8th grade. He has a natural talent for music and is a budding musician. He lives with his single mother and a younger sister who is in fifth grade. Jude's father passed away recently due to complications from diabetes. This tragic loss had a profound impact on Jude and his family, leaving them devastated and in dire straits. Jude's mother has taken up the responsibility of being the breadwinner, she has started working as a beautician to meet the family's financial needs. However, she often feels insecure about their financial stability and worries about her provide for her children. Despite his young age, Jude has a passion for music, his father, who was a musician, greatly influenced his love for music. At school, he takes on his studies seriously and is intrigued by the magic of chemistry and the brilliance of biology. Sponsorship would make it possible for Jude to continue his studies and improve his overall well-being. By supporting Jude, you would be investing in the future of a remarkable teenager who has the potential to excel in music and education. 

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