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Joshua Samuel (6/28/07)

Birth Month
16 years old
Waiting since
Joshua Samuel

About Joshua Samuel (6/28/07)

Joshua (DOB: 6/28/07) is a calm and composed young man. Unfortunately his father abandoned his mother seven years ago and severed all contact with them. Now Joshua lives with his mother, younger sister and maternal grandmother. Joshua's mother has taken on the immense responsibility of being the sole breadwinner; working as a maid to sustain the family. Joshua's mother not only supports her children but also cares for her elderly mother, creating a warm and nurturing environment for the entire family. However, due to her poor income, they struggle to make ends meet, and the financial constraints have become a significant obstacle for Joshua's continued education. He certainly needs a helping hand of a generous sponsor. Sponsorship support would enable Joshua to have the necessary resources to excel academically, participate in extracurricular activities and unlock his full potential. By extending your support, you would contribute not only to Joshua's educational journey but also to the well-being and stability of his family. Your sponsorship will make a world of difference in his life, and your generosity will forever be etched in the hearts of Joshua and his family.

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