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Jashvanth (4/19/17)

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7 years old
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About Jashvanth (4/19/17)

HIGH PRIORITY WAITING SINCE SEPT 2023! Jashvanth lost his father six months ago. Along with his mother and younger sister, they live with their paternal grandparents, which makes for a total of ten people living in a small home. His uncle and grandfather are farmers and they have two cows for milk. They sell milk, millets and rice for their livelihood. Jashvanth's father started a small business with a friend, but the business failed and he lost all the investment. Due to frustration and stress, he committed suicide. His young mother is illiterate; she is taking care of the household work, and his two year old sister. Jashvanth is very smart, well-spoken, and friendly. He loves memorizing poems, singing songs, and dancing. He is bright in his studies and enjoys going to school. The sudden death of his father left the family completely helpless. His uncle, the father’s older brother, assured them that he would take care of the family but his income is very low and unstable. Moreover, he has his own children to look after. This lovely child desperately needs a helping hand to move forward for a brighter future. He wants to become a doctor when he grows up. Your generous support is the only hope that lights up his path. By sponsoring this young child, you can greatly reduce the family's financial burden and enable him to fulfill his dreams. Your act of kindness will make a great difference in the child’s life.

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