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PKL flood

Humanitarian Work

Compassion. Care. Restoration.

First Responders

Our Team in India

Our community partners are scattered throughout India to be first responders to deliver food, water, clothing and shelter in emergency situations. They are often the first on the scene to provide aid.

Empowering locals

Building Community Transformation Centers 2024

We partner with local communities who want to bring about transformation. Our first building is in an area that is repeatedly hit by flooding and will open in 2024 to host the Children's Program, a vocational training center for women, and a community leadership training program.

PKL CTC Center

How we responded

Riots in Manipur, India 2023

Ethnic clashes forced 60,000 people, mostly Christians, from their homes, seeking safety, resulting in casualties and orphaned children. As homes, schools and churches were burned down, our supporters raised $56,000 to help by providing essential food to prevent starvation that fed 1,200 refugees.

Manipur crisis

Food. Books. Toys.

COVID 19 Relief 2021-2022

When COVID-19 created immediate lockdowns, people needed food and water. Our team supplied food to over 7,256 families. Continuous lockdowns shuttered schools for a year so children were given educational games to keep their minds engaged in learning.


Tsunami 2004

Clothing. Food. Water.

When the Tsunami hit, we had a container arrive filled with clothing, food and water to distribute to people who lost everything.


Clean Water

Community Water

We have installed bore wells in villages where they had little or no access to clean drinking water which prevents illness and premature deaths and keeps children in school.

CTC food distribution

Monsoon Floods

Shelter. Bedding. Materials.

Monsoonal flooding is increasing with changing weather patterns which destroys not only huts but livelihoods and crops. We supply materials to rebuild homes, share food supplies, provide clean water and help to restore people's livelihoods.

Relief kits 2

Support the Humanitarian Relief Fund so we can respond immediately when the need arises.

Flooded fields