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Hannah (5/23/14)

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10 years old
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About Hannah (5/23/14)

HIGH PRIORITY WAITING SINCE SEPT 2023! Hannah is a determined young girl, aspiring to become a doctor to give good care and support to patients. Her life journey is not an easy one. Her family was settled in a slum where many criminal activities were prominent. Her father longed for all of his children to receive a good education, so they left the slum and relocated to a rented house in a better neighborhood. He was a fitness facility instructor prior to the coronavirus outbreak. Since the pandemic, he has been unable to find suitable employment and now works as a freelance fitness trainer. He only has four clients. Furthermore, his elderly mother suffers from an autoimmune ailment known as lupus, for which he borrowed money for her care and has only been able to pay the monthly interest. Their meager earnings are not enough to meet all the family's needs. Hannah is her parents' oldest child. She has two younger brothers, the one after her was adopted as a baby when his mother died shortly after birth and his father was unable to care for him. Despite their own challenges, Hannah's parents adopted him. Hannah is a bright young girl who excels in her studies and extracurricular activities. She was awarded 'Best Student' for creating toys out of waste materials. She is imaginative and eager to learn new things. She was also selected for her school's girls' basketball team. Sponsoring her education could help reduce the financial burden on her family and enable her to focus on her studies wholeheartedly. The family is waiting for a small ray of hope to have a better and brighter future. Your generous support will help her access quality education, which will make a huge difference in the child’s life.

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