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India Transformed! is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization. All gifts are tax deductible.

General Fund

The General Fund is vital to filling the gaps each month where the needs are the greatest and they are under-resourced. Undesignated gifts allow the flexibility to be applied to programs that need extra funding.

Help Fill the Gap >
Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a child living in a village community attending one of the Child Development Centers for $45 a month or sponsor a student who lives in a city that wants to attend a private school for $55 a month.

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Unsponsored Children's Fund

Children who lose a sponsor need to remain enrolled in the program so their needs continue to be met. This fund helps to cover their program costs until a permanent sponsor comes forward.

Support an At-Risk Child >
Women's ARISE! Empowerment Program

Help a woman in a desperate situation by giving her the opportunity to gain new life skills so she can support her family. Your support will allow a woman to beome a seamstress. We need to find 240 sponsors every year.

Empower a Women >
Community Transformation

Provide education and training to equip a community leader with skills to bring about socio-economic change that will bring hope and new life to a community. We need 36 more sponsors this year.

Equip a Leader >
Help Build a College/ Fund a Scholarship

Help us finish raising the funds needed to build the college. All gifts to the College Build Fund are matched 12 times so a gift of $1,000 becomes $12,000! We have already raised $20.6 million and have only $400,000 to go. Scholarship giving is also available with average annual tuition of $1800.

Change a Life >
Kingdom Growth Fund

This fund was created to provide for our fixed US overhead expenses, such as the annual audit fee, to allow more donations to support our programs in India. 100% of your gifts will go toward these administrative expenses. Click here to view a list of these needs.

Expand our Outreach >
Children's Program - Special Gifts

We want every child to know they are loved and to feel special on their birthday by giving each child a gift in their honor. If there is a special holiday, occasion or need, sponsors can also send a gift to the family.

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Special Needs List

This fund will provide for special needs within our Indian programs. Click here to view a list of these special needs. Donations of any amount are appreciated.

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Charity Ratings

We have received the highest ratings on both Charity Navigator (4 Star rating) and GuideStar/Candid (platinum level.)

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