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Devika (7/21/17)

Birth Month
8 years old
Waiting since

About Devika (7/21/17)

Devika (DOB: 7/21/17) is a good girl with a friendly nature. She is very good at her studies, loves attending school and a good athlete. She completes her homework by herself and when she’s finished she loves to play with her friends. She also enjoys taking care of and playing with her young- er brother. Devika is quite talented and has big dreams. Her father is a daily laborer in the marketplace. He loads and unloads goods for big shops. Her mother is a housewife and takes care of the household work and children. With his meager income, Devika’s father is unable to provide a decent place for his family to live. In spite of working very hard from morning until late evening, he is unable to provide nutritious food, safer shelter, and good health care for the family.

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