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Damini (1/1/15)

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8 years old
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About Damini (1/1/15)

Damini (DOB: 1/1/15) is a shy and obedient girl. She has an older brother and two older sisters. Her parents are uneducated and her sisters have nev- er attended school. Attending school is a great achievement in this family. Damini wants to go to school with all her heart, so her parents enrolled her. However, she is below average in her studies as there is no one to help with her school work at home. She is very hardworking and spends most of her free time studying. Her father is an auto rick- shaw driver, a jobs that is among the lowest paid. He has to pay a fixed daily rent for his rickshaw no matter how much he makes. Somedays he might not have any passengers and ends up owing money to the owner of the rickshaw. Since his income is inconsistent it is difficult to provide of his family with the basic necessities.

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