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Growing Strong Children

so they can thrive!

Nourishing the mind, body and soul

10 Child Development Centers

The Child Development Centers provide unconditional love, guidance, food, education and well care for 500 children through our Child Sponsorship Program and the Unsponsored Children's Fund.

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Education. Mentoring. Tutoring.

Faced with a multitude of challenges, nationwide 33% of Indian children finish 10th grade (Statista.) Our staff provides after-school tutoring. Here they are encouraged to study, do well academically, and often 100% of the students graduate from 10th grade.


Food. Clothing. Wellness.

Vulnerable children are at risk of malnutrition and stunted growth. Our program feeds 500 children 6 days a week. A sponsorship provides basic necessities such as food and clothing to children so they can grow and learn, helping them fulfill their dreams.

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Love. Compassion. Guidance.

Children are part of a community here and they know they are unconditionally loved. They build their confidence and self-esteem by participating in sports, dance lessons, tutoring, language instruction, fellowship and leadership activities.

How can you help?

Children need loving sponsors and we need your support to keep waitlisted children enrolled.

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Sponsor a Child

Change a child’s life story for as little as $1.50 a day. A sponsorship lets children know they are loved and cared for so they can live, laugh and dream.

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Unsponsored Children's Fund

Some Children who no longer have a sponsor need to remain in the program so their needs can be met. This fund fills the gap.