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Cheshta (7/17/17)

Birth Month
6 years old
Waiting since

About Cheshta (7/17/17)

Cheshta (DOB: 7/17/17) is a sweet girl. She is the apple of her parents eye as well as her teachers. She an older brother and they enjoying playing hide and seek in their tiny house. She is good at school and enjoys studying. She likes drawing and coloring too. Her parents know the value of education because they are not educated. They really want Cheshta to have a good education so she can have a better future. They know if she is not educated, she will be like them in the future and struggle to make ends meet. Cheshta’s father is a daily laborer and mother is a housewife. Her father stitches shoes on the pavement for a living. This job is unstable and seasonal, and so is the income. Her father’s income is not enough to meet the basic needs of his family, which prevents them from providing Cheshta with a good education.

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