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Bhola (2/1/16)

Birth Month
7 years old
Waiting since

About Bhola (2/1/16)

Bhola (DOB: 2/1/16) is a sweet and obedient boy who enjoys going to school. He doesn’t talk a lot but is extremely helpful. He has one younger sis- ter and enjoys playing hide and seek with is cousins. His father is a shoemaker whose wages are very low. This job is seasonal and so is his income. Managing family expenses and providing for the needs of their children is difficult. Bhola’s family lives in a small single room without a kitchen or toilet. They must go to the toilet in an open field, which is both inconvenient and unsanitary. Because there is no water source near the house, they must collect water from outside. His par- ents’ dream is to enroll him in a good school, but they cannot afford it.

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