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Ashi (6/12/15)

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8 years old
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About Ashi (6/12/15)

Ashi (DOB: 6/12/15) is organized, nice and a good student. She loves to keep herself neat and clean. Ashi has a little sister whom she loves and looks after. Ashi loves going to school and tries her best to not miss, which is quite unusual for children in her community. Since her parents were not educated, they encourage Ashi with her schooling. Ashi’s grand- parents live with them too. Ashi’s father is a daily wage laborer who stitches shoes for a living. He is the only breadwinner and responsi- ble for feeding six mouths. His work is seasonal, as they do not work during the rainy season and often run out of materials. With seasonal work comes seasonal pay. Managing the family’s needs with his little income has been quite difficult. Ashi’s father wants his daughter to get a good education and fulfill her dream of becoming a police officer. Though he isn’t sure how to provide for her as he struggles to cover his family’s basic needs.

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