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Arun (7/8/13)

Birth Month
10 years old
Waiting since

About Arun (7/8/13)

Arun (DOB: 7/8/13) is very energetic yet quiet. He is clever and smart for his age. He enjoys reading, going to school and studying hard. None of his four older siblings are going to school, just Arun. He is below average as no one is there in the family to guide him and the parents cannot afford tutoring. His parents are unable to provide a good education because of their financial condition. They are hand-to-mouth and whatever his father earns from stitching shoes goes directly to providing food for his large family. They live in a small room as their home. Adjacent to the small room is a kitchen where his two brothers sleep. For the toi- let, they go to an open field. Arun needs support to break the cycle of poverty and achieve his dreams.

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