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Aradhana (04/13/15)

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8 years old
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About Aradhana (04/13/15)

Aradhana (DOB: 04/13/2015) is a soft-spoken and lovely little girl who brings joy to everyone around her. She has a passion for singing and actively participates in the choir. Singing brings her immense joy and she dreams of honing her talent further. She lives with her parents and younger brother in a small, one-bedroom house. Despite their humble living conditions, the family shares a deep bond and supports each other through thick and thin. Aradhana's family has faced significant challenges, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her mother, unfortunately, contracted COVID twice and suffered from breathing problems and tuberculosis. She was hospitalized frequently, which put financial strain on the family. Aradhana's father, a technician, works on a project basis, making it difficult to maintain a stable income. To take care of his wife's medical expenses, he had to take on substantial debts. Due to the financial constraints, and Aradhana's mother's illness, Aradhana and her younger brother were unable to attend school for one whole year. This interruption in their education has affected their academic progress and overall development. Aradhana has a strong desire to learn and excel in her studies, but without external support, her dreams may remain unfulfilled. Aradhana and her family express their heartfelt gratitude in advance to anyone willing to support them. Your sponsorship will not only transform this dear child’s life but also provide her family with hope and a chance for a better future.

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