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Anugrah (9/6/16)

Birth Month
7 years old
Waiting since

About Anugrah (9/6/16)

Anugrah (DOB: 9/6/16) is a sweet boy, a great student and a big fan of cricket. He enjoys singing devotional songs and spends time praying every day. Anugrah never misses a children’s gathering in his community because he loves listening to moral stories. He has two older sisters and an older brother. Anugrah’s mother, a homemaker, stakes him to school every day. His father works in a mall as a shopkeeper. He earns $200 per month. Taking care of a large family with this small income is really difficult. He wants to provide a good education to all his children so they will have a good future, but is unable to cover his family’s ne- cessities let alone school supplies.

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