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Amit (9/12/13)

Birth Month
10 years old
Waiting since
179 Amit

About Amit (9/12/13)

Amit (DOB: 9/12/13) is the youngest of five children. Amit is quite mischievous and loves to play pranks with his siblings and friends. He is very active and has a lot of friends. He goes to school daily, but since there is no one to guide him with his studies, he is below average in his class. He has the heart to study hard and become a doctor when he grows up, but due to his family environment, he doesn’t have much assistance. To ease the family burden, his parents married off his 17 year old sister. Amit’s second sister, 15 years old, is not in school due to financial constraints. However, his two brothers are enrolled in school. Amit’s father is a dai- ly laborer who stitches shoes to support the family. They live in a small single room without basic facilities or infrastructure. For a big family like Amit’s, the room is just sufficient for sleeping.

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