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Abigail (1/26/13)

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11 years old
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About Abigail (1/26/13)

HIGH PRIORITY WAITING SINCE SEPT 2023! Abigail, a smart and talented child, comes from a broken family. Her father abandoned her and her mother. They had nowhere to go, so they took shelter in her uncle’s house. In order to support her daughter, her mother goes around the city to search for small jobs. She is not very qualified and has no professional experience. As a result, finding a job is not easy. After much struggle, she recently landed a job as a receptionist. Before deciding on her honorarium, the organization would like to observe her performance for a few months before deciding on her salary. Her mother is a hard-working person and tries her best to support her daughter. Abigail loves sports; she plays basketball and tug-of-war in school. In one of the school competitions, she was awarded best student for making flowers out of waste materials. She is a determined child and aspires to become a doctor when she grows up. Her mother feels completely helpless; she can’t depend on her brother for everything. Seeing her hardworking, intelligent, and studious daughter, she wants to provide for her educational needs. The child eagerly waits for a sponsor who can give her hope and light up her path. Your love and generous support could help reduce the financial burden on her helpless mother and enable Abigail to focus on her studies wholeheartedly. Abigail and her mother continue to hope for a better future. They sincerely wait for a kind-hearted sponsor to be a blessing for her.

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