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Abhay (7/12/14)

Birth Month
9 years old
Waiting since

About Abhay (7/12/14)

Abhay (DOB: 7/12/14) is a hardworking young boy and spends most of his free time studying. He is a good athlete and enjoys participating in sport. He is well loved by all, respectful and a great helper. His parents are daily wage laborers and stitch shoes. They are so poor that they cannot af- ford a roof over their small, single room home. When it rains, the plas- tic sheets that make up the roof is not enough to keep them dry. They have very few belongings. Abhay has two younger sisters. He helps his mother with home chores such as carrying water and sweeping the floor. He is a bright kid. He hopes to one day attend a good school, study hard, and become an army officer in order to support his parents and sisters. He is very worried about his parents. He wants someone to hold his hand and remind him that his aspirations will come true one day.

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